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Wolfblood was created for CBBC and released on Halloween 2012 to support the exciting CBBC series of the same name.

Collaborating closely with the Wolfblood production team, Littleloud aimed to recreate the atmospheric nature of the TV series as the player battles through a series of levels.

A key theme of the TV series is the constant threat of detection. Maddy and Rhydian must hide their lupine nature at all costs, so we decided to use a clever ‘Detection Meter’ rather than a traditional health bar.

The player can also choose to be in wolf of human mode throughout the levels. Both modes have their advantages and disadvantages. You can jump much further as a wolf, but if you leap into a pool of light, your detection meter will quickly rise. You can pick up evidence as a human, but can’t crawl through tight spaces.

Both the CBBC production team and players were delighted with the finished game and it’s had over half a million unique users since going live.