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Loved by Zack Snyder and the gaming press, Minutemen was built to coincide with the release of Watchmen, the long-awaited film adaptation of the seminal graphic novel.

The game opens with scene from the Gunga Diner, the camera taking the player through to a battered games cabinet housing the Minutemen arcade beat ‘em up.

As devotees of the original source material it was important to us to create something that could conceivably fit into the Watchmen universe. With that in mind, we created an entire backstory for the existence of this game, an arcade beat ‘em up made in the late 70s by Veidt Industries that harks back to the glory days of the Minutemen. The arcade technology was a little ahead of its time, but justified by the technical advances made by Adrien Veidt*, and not a big stretch when thinking about all the other superhero products made by Veidt Industries.

So, there it sits at the back of the Gunga Diner in 1986, beaten up and graffitied, in a time when masked heroes are outlawed and out of fashion.

All game graphics and audio were all created as an authentic 80s styled 16-Bit production, and the care put into it caught the attention of Kotaku and Ain’t It Cool News (which certainly helped towards getting the massive amount of plays that it did).


* Yep, we really thought about all this stuff.