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10 x 3 minute animations for DVD

Hackney Dash
The Thrill Electric, iPad version
The Curfew
The Curfew
Doctor Who, Dreamland
Doctor Who, Dreamland
Doctor Who, Dreamland
Bow Street Runner
Tourists from Mars
Tourists from Mars
1 Giant Leap

This 10 part series of animated shorts is designed to help struggling families understand and manage their feelings and behaviour.

The project was commissioned by Family Links, a UK based charity which supports young families from all backgrounds.

The animation scripts closely followed the Family Links 10 week course. Themes and take away points for the parents are illustrated by the Jones and Bassett families demonstrating family life before and after implementing the Parenting Puzzle Nurturing Programme.

Each week on the course, the relevant animated short was shown to summate the topic’s key points.

“We found the Littleloud team efficient, creative and wonderfully patient. We loved the way they quickly grasped the essence of what the Family Links Nurturing Programme was all about.

The inspired cartoon characters have hit the spot with our parents. And the succinct script captured the nuances of positive behaviour management strategies in family life.

For many parents who find the ideas difficult to grasp this wonderful visual presentation has been a huge help. It’s been so successful that it has been dubbed into Urdu for a huge number of parents who have English as a second language.”

Annette Mountford, CEO