The Diary of Anne Frank

BBC Learning

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The ‘Explainer’ series is designed as an introduction to a topic, to inform the viewer & encourage them to explore the subject matter further.

Working closely with the BBC and external experts, we developed The Diary of Anne Frank to tell the story as if a viewer were hearing it for the first time.

The story itself spans from the early thirties to the present day, therefore creating an overview of Anne Frank’s diary in the four minute time frame was a challenging task. The script went through several iterations to define the core elements of the story, while storyboards were developed to match the visual and voice over concurrently. We aimed to keep the video as informative as possible, yet not overwhelming, and ensure that the sensitive subject matter was handled appropriately.

Senior TV producer Saffron Allwood joined us for the duration of the project to write the script and research every aspect of the story. We worked with holocaust expert, Professor David Cesarani, and collaborated closely with the team at the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam to ensure that every aspect of the story was accurate.

Archive material was sourced from the Anne Frank Museum and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The production process involved multiple iterations of the script, a storyboard, animatics, voice over recording, several animation passes and edits to shape the story and refine the tone & pace. Audio design and music was created by Michael Reaney.