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Sweatshop iOS
Sweatshop iOS
Sweatshop iOS
Sweatshop iOS
Sweatshop iOS
Sweatshop iOS
Sweatshop iOS
Sweatshop iOS
Sweatshop iOS

The darkly comedic strategy game of fashion on the iPad!

While the game is no longer available via the App Store we leave this page here for posterity, and so you can see what a magnificent thing Sweatshop on the iPad was. For the full story go here.

Redesigned and optimised to make it a brilliant experience on iPad, the critically acclaimed Sweatshop’s ethical dilemmas and bossy bosses can now be experienced in a whole new way. Highly playable and super addictive, Sweatshop’s top-down strategy will have you playing for hours and wincing at those brand new trainers you bought last week.

Featuring fast-paced strategy, black comedy and an affecting storyline, Sweatshop asks you to manage a madcap clothing factory juggling the needs of clients with the welfare of workers.

Should you hire a fire officer to prevent the risk of workers dying horribly in an industrial blaze or pack them in to get the job done? Should you train workers to make them more efficient and satisfied or fire them when they lose a limb in an industrial accident? How do you motivate workers: with generous treats and toilet breaks or an iron fist, long hours and verbal abuse?

Maybe you just want to buy a bunch of robots to do the job instead? Sweatshop lets you choose how you want to play, while challenging you to decide how far you’d go to avoid a fashion disaster.


Some comments on the online version of Sweatshop:


“A clever – and highly playable – study of ethics and exploitation in the fashion business.” Guardian Gamesblog


“One of the most compelling and effective political games I’ve seen in recent years.” PBS


“It picks its moments extremely wisely and it wants you to understand, not be brow-beaten into empathy. This is the game that you should definitely be playing today.” Rock, Paper, Shotgun


“It’s an exceptionally funny game at times, but there’s some dark humour involved, and it only gets darker the further you push into the game – and realise that, ultimately, you’ve lapsed into the habit of ruthlessly overworking your employees, and you barely even noticed it happening.” PC Gamer


“The game is an incredibly effective satirical look at how big businesses are run. It’s immersive and interactive, all while delivering a not-so-subtle message.” Business Insider


“Sweatshop is a moment of brilliance, a piece of social commentary all the more provocative for its addictive mechanics and cheesy veneer.” Hidden Exit


“The graphics, black-hearted sense of humor, and music elevate the mood of the game and make learning about sweatshop labor as accessible as it could possibly be.” Indie Games Ichiban


“While the game is cartoony and cute, it’s also smart and subversive.”  Gamesbeat at Venturebeat


“Excellent, darkly humorous, oddly enjoyable” Gnome’s Lair


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