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SaySay Girls is an online game world designed to add value, community, competition and online interaction around the soon-to-be-released SaySay Girls range of toy dolls.

The game achieves this by adding a virtual dimension to the physical toy, encouraging real-life social play between doll owners while also adding longevity and value to the physical product by offering numerous types of rewards to players, all earned via the game.

 In addition, the game can be played by non-owners of the doll. By providing large in-game benefits and rewards to players who do own a doll, drive sales of the psychical product to these non-owners.

 The main thread of the online game is the Talent Contest. The player must earn points in a variety of different ways. As they earn more points so they climb the overall leader board. The player with the most points at the end of the month is declared the winner of the contest and win real-life prizes.

 In addition to the Talent Contest, players can make friends, enjoy messaging, gifting, quests, mini games, and customise their character and space.

SaySay Girls online is one of Littleloud’s most ambitious projects to date. Spanning a year and a half so far, the creation of this virtual world has been technically complex and artistically challenging.

Littleloud have worked in close collaboration with Better Brief over the course of the project; Better Brief focussing on the server side of the virtual world and Littleloud the client side. The server and client have been built with expansion in mind, each element of the game being a separately coded module which fits seamlessly into the whole.