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Hackney Dash
The Thrill Electric, iPad version
The Curfew
The Curfew
Doctor Who, Dreamland
Doctor Who, Dreamland
Doctor Who, Dreamland
Bow Street Runner
Tourists from Mars
Tourists from Mars
1 Giant Leap

Think you know your Chipmunk from your JLS? What about your Marina and the Diamonds from your Emeli Sandé?

Playlist Squirrel, Littleloud’s latest creation for Radio 1/ 1xtra, is a quiz game that allows you to show off your music knowledge (while trying to collect enough nuts to buy your girlfriend a pop-themed birthday present).

With questions created dynamically each week from the artists and tracks in playlist rotation on Radio 1/ 1xtra, the game is constantly changing to provide hibernation-thwarting challenge and excitement.

Players must answer multiple-choice questions in order to earn nuts that the playlist squirrel can use to buy his girlfriend an iconic pop-based prize. There are 10 random multiple choice questions derived from the Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra playlists of the week.

For each question answered correctly, you win bonus time to use in the final Nut Grab bonus round. Think Crystal Maze except instead of money you’re collecting nuts and, instead of being four yuppies from London you’re one squirrel from Epping Forest.

Perform well enough and you’ll have enough nuts to buy a wonderful pop-themed gift from the local cockney badger for your squirrel girlfriend, Nuttina, which you can then share on Facebook and Twitter. Squirrels are all about the social media these days.

Launched on Radio 1 Dan and Phil on the 5th May 2013, Dan earned £1.45 and bought Jessie J’s lips for his squirrel girlfriend. Dan is quoted as saying, “It is the new World of Warcraft”.