Oban Star Racers


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A panEuropean multiplayer game

Massive audience competition online


Flash Forward Finalist 2006


We were commissioned to create an addictive multiplayer Flash racing game that would launch simultaneously across 18 countries to support the TV release of Oban Star Racers on the Jetix (Disney XD) channel.

Following the story of the series, players could select their pod racing team and ship to compete in the elite alien races across different planets. Players were able to race against other players on both a national and international leaderboard system across three different terrains and circuits.

We worked hard to create a look that would work seamlessly with the animated series itself. Each craft had a range of different abilities which could be upgraded through successful play.

The sophisticated gaming engine pushed Flash’s abilities to the maximum by creating a 3D looking game using a clever combination of 2D assets.

The game proved to be Jetix’s most popular game deployment to date, demanding two upgrades to the powerful hosting servers due to massive traffic across the 18 regions.