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Facejacker is an app that uses the power of Facebook to create a rather personal and intimate encounter with eccentric artiste Brian Badonde.

Commissioned by Channel 4, the Facebook experience begins with Brian showing the camera crew around his private studio, where various pictures of Brian’s new muse are shown to feature the user. But it all begins to go wrong when Brian receives an unexpected text and loses his temper…

Collaborating closely with Kayvan Novak and the Facejacker team, we endeavoured to create an online experience that would add a personalised element to the comedy of the new TV series. Using all our cross-platform skills, from broadcast production to Facebook development, we aimed to capture the comedic timing and performance as a hilarious, shareable experience. Essential to the idea was making the viewer part of the sketch and so we worked closely with the team to ensure we exploited all possible technical and comical opportunities.

“For fans of the show, seeing themselves feature in what appears to be a sketch from the forthcoming series will give them a personal thrill. With Littleloud we really pushed what was possible with this technology, and the culmination of Brian’s rage will, we hope, shock, appall and entertain the target audience.”

Jonathan Davenport, Hat Trick Head of Digital